Why bmpUnited

bmpUnited is fascinated by plants and their growth process because plants encapsulate a view of life that is quite instructive. Plants may be grown in at least one of two ways: plant a seed, or grow a plant from a branch, stem, or leaf. In each case, the seed or plant either grows or dies. It is that simple.

It is refreshing to think of humans in the same way. Our parents plant the seed of life at conception. We grow in the womb and are born after approximately nine months. The family nurtures us. The nurturing process continues, at least, through elementary school and high school; followed by college and professional life. These stages represent periods of growth. Some people may stumble and drop out, wilting just like plants, and even die at any stage during this journey. 

Not easily recognizable in humans, as in plants, is the wilting stage, which makes people less producyive in the absence of timely intervention. When we are not growing at any point during our period of development, then we are essentially dying. In the words of William S. Burroughs, “When you stop growing you start dying.”

bmpUnited is empowered to promote aspects of community development and growth. Giving information to manage blood pressure, supporting the poor, sick and elderly or contributing to install solar power for a family that had been in blackout for three months, all  represent different aspects of growth for a person, family, or community. When this is not done, the community’s human capital and productivity suffer, signifying a form of wilting and potentially death using our plant-growth metaphor. This is why bmpUnited exists.

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