WAWASA or WAWA Solar Ambassadors Enterprises is a duly registered (CRBN 1137976) solar installation firm that specializes in solar energy education, marketing, installation and maintenance services for the benefit of the community in which it resides. WAWASA’s mission is to provide renewable energy sources as a competitive supplement to power provided to the community by other sources, such as Enugu Electric Distribution Company (EEDC) and portable gas generators.   WAWASA is dedicated to replacing prolonged community blackouts and loss of productivity with reliable electricity supply only limited by the customer’s ability to pay for the services. WAWASA is pleased to offer an alternative to the darkness often experienced by EEDC customers and the pollution and noise produced by portable generators. WAWASA is an independent company sponsored by bmpUnited. Whenever feasible, bmpUnited, WAWASA and customers within the community enter into tripartite loan agreements or contracts to make solar systems more affordable.

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