Welcome To The Piggery

Agriculture and farming are often used interchangeably, although the scope of agriculture is broader than that of farming. For our purposes, it only matters that both include growing food, raising livestock, worms, and bugs, to feed the world’s constantly growing population in the face of global warming. The significance of these fields are so great that experts tell us that until the industrial revolution, agriculture employed the vast majority of the world’s population. While we agree we may never return to the pre-industrial revolution days of commitment to agriculture, bmpUnited considers agriculture and farming important enough to be added into every family’s investment portfolio. Communities that seriously engage in agriculture tend not to suffer extreme hunger and poverty, import and consume unhealthy food and snacks, or create unwarranted pressure on food prices. These are some of the reasons, bmpUnited is attracted to agriculture. As proof of our commitment, we also began supporting a piggery farm in Abakpa Nike, near Enugu in the first quarter of 2020, in addition to the farming operation at Abawa, Opi Junction near Nsukka started in mid 2019.