Umuavulu Clinic In Dire Straits

Healthcare, in our opinion, is an industry in crisis in many parts of Nigeria, and perhaps most of Africa. While our basis for this claim is anecdotal, one can arguably document a variety of daily empirical evidences that will transform this claim into a scientific claim. The frequency and randomness of fatalities and deaths are both heartbreaking and numbing. The appalling lack of understanding of how the body works and the scarcity of resources, including medical equipment and trained personnel tell much of the story. For example, uncontrolled high blood pressure and diabetes reign unchecked and kill rampantly because of this state of affairs. Hence bmpUnited shines the light on Umuavulu Health Center, a small health clinic located directly opposite the popular hotel and resort, Treasure Base, in Umuavulu, Abor, near Enugu. bmpUnited, also called bmpU World Services in that part of the world recently sent an amateur reporter and videographer who filed a clip that is still being edited.


This clinic and others like it symbolize bmpUnited philosophy about healthcare which is, “If you allow yourself to be hospitalized it is already too late”. Many Nigerian hospitals are like “Hotel California”, where, the Eagles tell us: “You check in, but you can’t checkout”. The clinic exists to rescue your health once you have failed in the first battle of self-care. Self-care, among other things, is exercising, eating well, living a work and play balanced life, monitoring your vital health statistics, and taking corrective action when necessary. No doctor can do this for us. It is only when we fail in self-care, get into accidents, or have a genetic disposition to debilitating conditions and diseases that we require doctors and hospitals. The healthcare clinic is that low-cost middle ground alternative that attempts to keep us out of the hospital where many people go to die, as anecdotal information shows. Therein lies the significance of the health clinic