Researchers found strong correlations between electric energy consumption and economic growth. The more electricity a country consumes, the higher its  level of economic activity and growth would be. Conversely, when companies lack sufficient power to run their factories, or  open their offices, productivity suffers, and economic activity slows down. These facts are notable to bmpUnited as an operator in the Community and Neighborhood Development space. Supporting the deployment of solar systems to produce power that energizes small businesses and lights up, otherwise dark homes, are of importance to us. 

This is because small businesses play a key role in firing up the economic base of any community, creating jobs, and producing goods and services that add to the gross domestic product of that community. Without power, this sector loses momentum and productivity and cannot do its job, consequently impacting everyone in the community. Families without power cannot be productive enough to influence community development, or assist children with homework in darkness, affecting future human capital development.