Rocking Nonagenarian

Conversations that are needed to take charge of your health

bmpUnited has been monitoring and guiding a mother and great-grandmother who celebrated her 92nd birthday on February 3rd 2021. From the onset she was positioned to have a good and healthy life because her younger brother is a physician. The key word is positioned; not everyone in her family took advantage of this asset. During her eighties bmpUnited coordinated with relatives to bring her overseas for physical checks at least once every other year. The physicals revealed the changes in her health condition since the last visit and determined the course of action that will be followed until the next visit. One of the visits showed she had constant elevated blood pressure causing the doctors to put her on a permanent low dose of Hydrochlorothiazide to be taken daily. 

The role of bmpUnited was to make sure she had constant supply of the right quality of this medicine, not adulterated versions that are said to be imported from eastern countries such as China and India. The visits also looked into her dental, optical and gynecological conditions. The lesson from this story is that good health does not happen by accident. Good health requires regular attention to our health, action and advocacy. That is why bmpUnited is in this business.