Medical Advocacy & Support

With healthcare advocacy, bmpUnited does the legwork needed to make people stay healthy. Before people get sick, we intervene to make sure that the at-risk population get their health statistics and that risk factors are managed. When they get sick we ensure they visit the hospital soonest, and that they are receiving proper care.  And the list goes on…

Anonymous stories and blogs of the projects are published to demonstrate the significance of this important service. bmpUnited has access to several registered nurses who volunteer as associates, and to medical doctors and pharmacists when needed. The doctors and pharmacists do not work for bmpUnited.

Agricultural Loans & Grants

We give agricultural loans to those who can pay back, and grants to those who are sincere about farming, but cannot afford to pay back. It is always a challenge to determine who truly qualifies for one, or the other.

So far we have supported a big farm (See blog), a piggery, several cassava farms, and the purchases of seed yams during the planting season or rainy season, April to October. The farms that we support are manual and not generally 100% mechanized.