Follow The Money

Follow the money or FTM is a standard bmpUnited policy of sending money for products and services, on behalf of beneficiaries, to the  ultimate end-user or service provider. Most of the time the recipient of this money is not the same as the beneficiary. A simple example below explains how FTM works. 

Say bmpUnited has approved to pay school fees and purchase books for a student. Using the FTM method, the school fees is sent directly to the school bank account, while money for the books goes to the bank account of the Bookstore that supplied the books. No need for the student to touch the money. Sending the school fees to the student risks a chance that the money could be diverted to other equally important needs,  but which are inconsistent with the original defined objective: to pay school fees and buy books.

Beneficiaries ought to  embrace the FTM method because it guarantees that objectives presented to bmpU are met. Although a few people may misconstrue the FTM method as a lack of trust, nothing could be farther from the truth. FTM guarantees that the job is done.