First Umuavulu Solar Installation

Conversations for the first family solar installation in Umuavulu began in mid-March 2020.  Prior to the new installation, the only family that had solar at their home was the family of the ex-minister, Mrs. Akuabata Njeze.  Hence, the solar power installation at Eziagu, Umuavulu  is a major milestone. 

Prior to the installation, the Community was embroiled in a protracted blackout imposed by EEDC or Enugu Electricity Distribution Company in response to nonpayment of estimated electricity bills. With the Eziagu installation, the benefiting family traded blackouts for lights, only limited by the size of their storage battery and sunlight.

The customer needed a 1,200 Watts solar system priced at #200,000, but lacked sufficient money to implement it.  bmpUnited came with a solution. bmp financed 50% of the cost, while the customer paid the remaining 50% within four months.  The installation happened at Eziagu, Umuavulu-ABOR on March 31st, 2020, a date that must be remembered when the history of electricity is written at Umuavulu. 

With this installation, made possible by bmpUnited’s investment in the infrastructural development of a community, the community of Umuavulu took the first step to chip away at the monopoly of EEDC.