bmpUnited Encourages Farming & Agriculture

bmp’s approval of a major agricultural project, several months prior to the arrival of the invisible COVID-19 attack, is somewhat visionary. It came at the right time.

It is a popular trend for adults, especially youths, almost all over the world, to flock to the cities and urban centers in search of good jobs and a better livelihood, while totally ignoring farming and agricultural opportunities in the rural areas or country. bmp does not condemn these migrations. At the same time, bmp encourages farming and agriculture, in general, as a method to diversify a family’s portfolio in the interest of better and stable future.

It is for this reason that bmpUnited was pleased to support a major farming operation at Abawa village, Nsukka, Nigeria, in West Africa. One of bmp’s community outreach programs is to facilitate agricultural loans and grants to encourage natives to grow their own food to promote improved nutrition, reduce unhealthy food imports, and influence the overall prices of food in their respective communities. Visit the bmp photo gallery to view some activities from the Abawa farm operation.

The moral to this project report is that while many of us languished with the boredom of staying home during the COVID-19 lockdown, those that owned farms were busy cultivating or harvesting food from their farms. By visiting their farms, the farmers among us avoided the crowd, and by so doing, avoided being infected. They had food to eat, and were not completely dependent on a paycheck that arrived late, arrived partially, or did not arrive at all. That is the power of diversification at work.