2nd WAWASA Solar Installation

On May 12th 2020, WAWASA or WAWA Solar Ambassadors, see “What is WAWASA?” under the BLOG pages, recorded the second Umuavulu “regular home” solar installation.  The first ever home solar installation, completed by a local home-grown installation team (WAWASA), had previously occurred on March 31, 2020. Read the project report on this premier installation under “Our Projects / Our First Solar Installation” at bmpu.org.

Returning to the story at hand, and a story that almost never came to pass, or at least not within the current time frame. The challenge was the approaching invisible enemy, fighting the world; it’s called COVID-19. The project team had just ordered the components for the installation: solar panels, charge controller, batteries and inverters when the Nigerian government banned interstate travels to control the spread of the virus. The parts remained in transit for over seven days that seemed like eternity, but eventually arrived.

The installation day was exceptional: clear clouds, sunny, impeccable blue skies with sun rays beaming at exactly ninety degrees like a powerful searchlight jamming on the roof, and seeking to mate with willing photovoltaic cells on yet unmounted solar panels. The installation itself was faultless and uneventful. The unmistakable highlight of the day was the joy in the faces of the benefiting family as it suddenly realized that the cloud of darkness and random blackouts had suddenly been lifted. What a joy, indeed.