Educational Assistance & TMTF

bmpUnited pays school fees and shares in the cost of equipment used exclusively for education, such as laptops, for children and some adults who lack sponsorship from parents or relatives. For adolescents who cannot go back to school, bmpUnited has TMTF or Teach Me To Fish program.

Everyone in the community must be engaged. We believe that when people are not engaged: working, schooling (Education), learning a trade, and are not retired or sick, they are both a setback and danger to the community. This is the antithesis of bmpUnited mission.

Solar Energy: Give Light, not darkness!

bmpUnited’s desire is to replace the Community‘s epileptic electricity supply with predictable electricity supply, and by so doing replace Community’s darkness with light. Originally we gave loans to people and businesses we believed could afford to pay, and gave grants to those who cannot. 

Not too long after we began, it was discovered that close to 40% of borrowers were either late or paid at their convenience, sometimes 3 – 6 months late, in spite of the requirements of the loan contract. These were interest-free loans! On the other hand, demands for Solar grants are insatiable. Having adequate funds is the only limitation.

The most frequently requested solar services are for Solar Security Lights.