Visiting you probably sense a fixation on plants and growing stuff. This is because planting and growing illustrate and encapsulate a view of life that is quite instructive. We can grow plants in at least one of two ways: plant a seed, or grow a plant from a branch, stem or leaf. In each case, the seed or plant either grows or dies. It is that simple.

On the other hand, it is refreshing to think of humans in the same way. Our parents plant the seed at conception. We grow in the womb and are born after approximately nine months. The families nurture us. The nurturing process continues through primary school, high school and college, and then to professional life. All of these stages represent periods of growth. Some may stumble and wilt just like plants, and even die at any stage in this long period of development. What is not so easily recognizable in humans, as it is in plants, is the wilting stage, which ultimately leads to death, absent timely intervention. If we are not making progress, or growing at any point during our long period of development, then we are essentially wilting and ultimately dying. In the words of William S. Burroughs, “When you stop growing you start dying.”

bmpUnited is empowered to promote different aspects of community development and growth as detailed in our purpose statement listed under the second section of the Home Page. Providing vital information to manage blood pressure, supporting the poor, sick and elderly or contributing to install solar power for a family that had been under blackout for three months, all  represent different aspects of growth for a person , family or community. When this is not done, the community’s human capital and productivity suffer, signifying a form of wilting and potentially death using our plant-growth metaphor. This is why bmpUnited is establishing a market, a network and a united front to preempt such premature demise; it is also why those that made our individual growths possible are special and ought to be recognized and honored.

What kind of bmp do you want to be? As a Donor you provide the resources that help bmpUnited grow to do its work. As an Associate or volunteer, you understand the bmpUnited mission and you help carry it out. Finally, as a beneficiary, you represent a plant that bmp is growing to become a better producer in your community. Once you complete your phase of growth with bmpUnited, you become a fellow or an associate helping to carry out bmpUnited mission. In the manner described thus far, bmpUnited is attempting to create an organization akin to an ecosystem that potentially grows boundlessly when donors, associates and beneficiaries are all performing at their best without waste, inefficiencies, idleness , corruption or just errors. A well oiled machine, some would say. This ecosystem grows boundlessly out of cooperation, rather than competition. With competition, the players eventually die, but with cooperation, the growth has no boundaries. It is infinite. This is consistent with Professor Ethelbert Chukwu’s mathematical proof described in “Optimal….wealth of Nations”.

What role would you like to play in the bmpUnited ecosystem?  Let us know by visiting the Contact Page at

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