The bmpUnited COVID-19 Assistance Program, BCAP, sometimes also called bmpUnited COVID-19 Palliative Care, was scheduled to start July 1, 2020. Conversely, the pain and suffering confronting the population that bmpUnited serves was becoming increasingly unbearable. It is this increased suffering that created the sense of urgency to start the project ten days earlier than planned. BCAP began on June 20, 2020, serving the first beneficiary at 15:56:30 PM (NT or Nigerian Time). The process of making a difference in people’s lives had begun in earnest.

BCAP is designed to show that bmpUnited cares, not necessarily to solve all the COVID-19 problems that people may be facing. BCAP is only designed to make a difference, as indeed are all community programs managed by bmpUnited nonprofit company. Not even Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is capable of solving all of the challenges that people face. That is why the scope of our assistance is narrow and targeted.

BCAP is a one time financial assistance to all members of a family with a cap for each person and for each family. The financial assistance will be distributed not unlike the stimulus package in the United States whereby the government deposited a given sum of money in the bank accounts of citizens. For those we do not have their bank accounts, a BCAPD or bmpUnited COVID-19 Assistance Program Distributor will be appointed. To ensure that the BCAPD did their job properly, the proposed recipient will be required to send a confirmation message through bmpUnited website, Facebook or WhatsApp account.

bmpUnited will start with an initial sizable budget. This budget will determine how many people can be served. The project will stop once the budget is exhausted. It is hoped that a certain number of key individuals in the communities we serve, will rise to the occasion and donate additional funds that allow bmpUnited to extend BCAP to more citizens in need in the community.

If you have questions regarding BCAP, please go to and drop us a line. We will attempt to answer your questions within forty-eight hours.