Aging Gracefully

bmpUnited recently served an elderly man in his nineties who suffers from issues related to enlarged prostate, arthritis and cataract. By far the most troubling to our client is the enlarged prostate that wakes him multiple times per night and still unable to discharge his urine. We reached out to one of his several children and he was quick to remind us that his father already has regular doctor visits during which he receives medication to manage his condition. bmpUnited insisted and financed a trip to visit a urologist identified through exhaustive inquiry. By the second trip to the urologist, it was discovered that our client had a non-cancerous but enlarged and infected prostate. The urologist explained his findings and sent our client home with two medications, one to address the infection, and the other to attempt to shrink the prostate. At least two other monthly visits took place to ensure the man’s condition was proceeding in the right direction. The moral of this story became evident during a conversation, about four months after the client began treatment, and he began “….now that my prostate condition has been cured…..”. We could not allow him to finish his statement before jumping in to correct him. “Please, sir, “ I said. “Your prostate condition is not cured, it is being managed”. The difference in a cure and “being managed” is that he must continue to take the medication to avoid another enlargement. The only cure is prostate removal that may require medication to manage side effects.