Random Acts of Mercy & Kindness
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It is no secret, or rocket science, that as much as 10 percent, and may be more, of the world's population live on less than $2 or about 800 Naira per day. The situation gets even worse under COVID-19. Are we willing to sit by and let this continue without sharing what we have to make a difference?

Medical Support, Missions & Advocacy
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People get sick and die needlessly, especially in developing nations, due to limited medical resources, including medical personnel. This fact alone should raise preventive care and preventive measures to the highest priority. Standing with bmp is one way to do just that, so that people stay out of hospitals in the first place.

Educational Assistance
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Although it sometimes becomes unfashionable and unpopular to get formal education at different phases of life, education still remains the unquestionable direct method to accelerate personal and career growth and even success. It is also potentially an antidote to poverty when leveraged effectively. Consider a vote for education.

Loans & Grants for Solar
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Fossil Fuels (coal, oil and gas) have played dominant roles in global energy systems for ages. Renewable sources, such as wind and solar are now poised to compete due to adverse health impacts of fossil fuels, aging and inefficient electric grid systems and estimated billing. Solar is clean, produced, and mostly consumed at the same location. To top it all, the communities we serve are blessed with lots of sunshine.

Loans & Grants for Agriculture
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In developing nations, farming and agriculture constitute a major stabilizing force that produce healthier families, balanced economies and more diversified portfolios. Oil and Gas production may come and go, but farming and agriculture stand the test of time with careful attention to avoid land overuse. Farming and agriculture must be encouraged at all times.

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What We Do?

Make A Difference By Engaging In:

Medical Missions

To educate the community through public health to become advocates in their own healthcare and well being by taking preventive steps to avoid hospitalization, and when hospitalized become active and present as their own health advocates. No one knows you better than you!

Educational Assistance

To educate youths and adults alike to think critically, and learn skills for jobs and professions such that beneficiaries become more productive and contributing members for themselves and for the communities they live in, resulting in a win-win for all.

Agricultural loans and grants

To encourage everyone to return to farming as a means to achieve diversification, reduce hunger and poverty, promote better nutrition, and aim to supplant the importation of fast food concepts that result in unhealthy diets, diabetes, and obesity.

Join bmpUnited To Make A Difference


bmpUnited resources are insufficient to complete the work at hand. This is why we are called "United". No mountain is too high when we work together.

Join the Team

You may join as a Donor or as an Associate or both. As a donor, your resources will be put to the best use. As an associate, you may even have direct control of the work.

Give Monthly

Whatever frequency you choose for your donations, you and your tax accountant are welcome to take advantage of bmpUnited 501(c)(3) status to lower your taxes.

Random Acts of Mercy and Kindness

To address hopelessness and poverty, often caused by societal inequity and lack of equal opportunity for all, thus minimizing crimes and radicalism, and assisting the poor to become engaged in community growth, rather than become apathetic and disengaged. When the poor gets out of poverty, everybody wins.

Infrastructure Grants and Loans for Off-Grid Electricity

To replace darkness with light and restore productivity to the communities. The lack of adequate and stable electricity is a crisis in most under-developed countries, stifling economic growth, with no end in sight. bmp is blazing the trail by actively supporting renewable energy solutions, one person and one family at a time.

Watering the Garden of Community life

bmpUnited welcomes your donations, like droplets of water used to maintain and sustain plants in a garden. We use your donations to assist, or grow the communities we serve. Without your donations, elements of the community may wilt and die, just like the plants that you forgot to water. For example, several communities in developing nations live in perpetual darkness or blackouts when one can easily finance a solar energy system that will give them electricity for almost the rest of their lives for under fifty US dollars per month, or 200K Naira for just one year per family. That is the power and significance of what we do. 

Who Does Our Work?

Our Team Members

Meet the hardest working people in the business. Note that it is impossible to fit all bmpUnited hard-working team members in the space provided below. Our web technicians also caution that having too many photos on the site will tend to slow things down.  The good news is that the team members not found here can be found at the bmpUnited account on Instagram.







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