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bmpUnited, also called BMPU World Services in Nigeria, is a not-for-profit organization authorized to operate in the Community Development space.  Our healthcare, education, agriculture, solar energy and charitable projects are centrally planned and financed. Projects are then executed by local resources at the community of interest. We believe this approach yields double benefits to the community of interest, making the world a better place. 

After some years of service, bmpUnited has learned many lessons. These lessons are changing how we do business. We hope that our customers will not misunderstand, and interpret the changes as rejection. The changes will help us stay in business to serve you better. Thank you for your patience.

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bmpUnited Lessons Learned

Life is a long journey of learning, education, knowledge and wisdom, if you can achieve the holy grail of 'wisdom'. We ALL need to learn to grow. In the words of William S. Burroughs, “When you stop growing, you start dying". Learning is not optional if you wish to be successful. Learning and growing are the secret ingredients for success.
"Learning is its own exceeding great reward" -- William Hazlitt

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Money Is Misunderstood

Many people, especially the young and inexperienced, misunderstand money. Money is only a tool, not a goal. A house full of money, for example, means nothing until we see what the owner does with it. The value of money depends only on what you can do with the money, not the amount of the money.

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Money Is Misused

Money is a tool that is often misused. Widespread misuse of money sends ripple effects throughout society misleading impressionable minds. People are persuaded to forego learning, education, and self-responsibility because they believe money is everything. Not true. An upcoming book Young Man In A Hurry digs into aspects of this issue in a chapter called Money Disorder. Learning and education are essential to make your own money, and essential for how best to spend it.

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bmpUnited Project List

bmpUnited has learned many lessons since it was established in the middle of COVID-19 in 2020. We are now taking corrective actions and modifying our nonprofit business practices and choices to guarantee we stay in business. Existing projects will continue to be managed carefully to ensure a better and softer landing at each project completion.

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